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"System.cfg: A great pictured website completely dedicated to the reminding of ours old toys."

Nowadays, this collection is composed of 382 devices.


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Games console

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If names like Apple, Amstrad, Atari, Sinclair or Tandy remind you of some memories, you can, by visiting those several pages, live a great moment of paleo-informatics nostalgia.

Following the example of a virtual museum, System.cfg is the internet presentation of my personal collection of computers and games consoles. From late 70\’s to early 90\’s, you are going to find here only micro computing, its close relatives and games consoles.

I\’d like my website to be the most visual possible, it means imaged and pictured in order to be as easy as pleasant to consult. The purpose is to have one page by device, summarizing principal characteristics and detailed pictures.

This collection can\’t be dissociated with the history of computer science, or more precisely the one of micro computer, so recent and yet already forgotten. Since the invention of microprocessor by Intel in early 70\’s, tthe road travelled is huge. Followed by several unknown devices like Micral of R2E or the Altair of Mits, then few years later, the Apple birth and the beginning of a real concurrence thanks to Tandy, Commodore and others. This is also the history of the development of the famous Silicon Valley, the “Homebrew Computer Club” and others “West Coast Computer Faire”, the PARC Xerox until garages where were born most unbelievable projects. But let’s not forget the genius of several men who are builders of this adventure whom we owe theses inventions. And if this numerical universe seems that natural to us, or even essential today, its genesis was only born half a century ago.

Behind the Goodiesmenu, you\’ll find different pages tracing a part of this history and life of companies that compose this nascent industry from California.
newNews 2006: the database of old computers, still in implementation, lists already more than 1000 computosaurs.
newNews 2007: the website has now a swap and conviviality space, a Forumfully dedicated to discussions about the collection of elder computers and their use (sasfepus and retrocomputing for initiated).

Vous êtes maintenant 758544 à avoir vu ces pages.


In order to get some information about System.cfg evolutions, you can consult the forum at this section.

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